About GGV Capital


GGV Capital was founded with the unique idea to have a single team operating in both China and the U.S. These two locations give our team a truly global perspective. The culmination of this is 17 years of experience identifying the next big trends in tech, internet, mobile, hardware, cloud and SaaS in the world’s two largest tech markets.


Convergence is the key trend that the GGV team identified – and bet on – in 2000 when the firm was founded. And since then we have been on the front lines to see the world's two largest economies, the U.S. and China, become increasingly intertwined, with other emerging markets soon to follow suit.

The explosive growth of mobile internet access has made this possible, and it is through new, mobile-focused companies that we are seeing this amazing convergence of insights, ideas and people.

We believe the only way to win in tech today is to be thinking globally from day one, and we invest in companies with the same DNA. Even at the earliest stages, our founders are thinking beyond their home markets. Our long-term focus and broad networks in the U.S. and China give us a unique ability to help entrepreneurs compete on the global stage.

Distinctly different

At the same time we are betting on the convergence of world markets, we value the innovative thinkers. Our partners bring a wide range of experiences to the table:

Jenny Lee can talk shop with any developer, as her first job out of college was engineering drones.

Hans Tung is the living embodiment of global perspectives, having backed 14 “unicorns” from their early days based in Beijing, Shanghai, San Francisco, and Singapore.

Jeff Richards knows exactly what entrepreneurs are facing, having founded and run two startups before moving into venture capital.

Jixun Foo has been working in tech for his entire career, starting out in R&D at HP and then moving into venture where he engineered the first billion dollar tech M&A in China for Youku Tudou.

Glenn Solomon’s background in banking and 9 IPOs in venture make him a savvy advisor to companies looking to make it big.

Eric Xu knows that early stage companies in China move extremely fast often with few resources so he is quick to recognize the potential of both new founders and new ideas.

This variety of experiences makes our team stronger and smarter. And we value the same in our founders. We look for the entrepreneurs who are tackling the world’s problems in unique ways.

It all comes down to the entrepreneur

We are relentlessly focused on identifying great entrepreneurs building great companies at all stages. We invest across early and late-stage opportunities – from seed and early Series A and B to growth-stage companies – but always backing teams that can leverage our support to scale. We take a long-term view of investing, betting on the entrepreneurs who deeply understand their market, are passionate about their product, and are driven to win. We’re in for the marathon.

17 years and counting

With $3.8 billion under management across eight funds, GGV Capital has been successfully partnering with leading technology entrepreneurs in the US and China for more than 17 years. The greatest measure of our success is that of our portfolio companies, with 29 IPOs since inception.